DIY Gone Wrong!

A man’s home is his castle! We all love our homes, but as our families grow and change, so too do our houses. Whether it’s an expansion reno, some faulty wiring that needs a reboot or even a cricket ball through Mum’s favourite stained glass window; some things are better left to the experts. While expensive call-out fees and hours of labour costs deter us from picking up the phone, the reality is that it can sometimes cost us more money to do the work ourselves. Consider these local Townsville residents:

Trevor, Kelso

‘I was part way through the extension on my 3 bedroom house. Before I could move my kitchen I needed to replace a beam in the roof. I’d done this before and it was a straight forward bit of work; a bit of hassle, but nothing I couldn’t handle.’

Trevor was working in the ceiling when his shirt got caught on an old nail. He slipped, fell through the plasterboard and cut his arm badly on some metal. Trevor was bleeding heavily for over an hour, alone in his roof, before his mate next door heard his calls for help. He was rushed to Townsville Hospital in an ambulance.  Professional repairs after his accident cost $3000.

Dave, Hyde Park

‘I wanted to save a few bucks so I opted to replace the bathroom fixtures on my own. I did fine with the taps and showerheads, but something went wrong when I put in the new toilet. Water was rushing into my house at an unbelievable rate. I had to call an emergency plumber in. The damage was massive all throughout my house. Insurance didn’t cover it because I was doing unlicensed plumbing work.’

We all know there are certain jobs we should never attempt; plumbing and electrical, to name a couple. In Queensland you can be fined up to $40,000 for carrying out illegal electrical work.

The ramifications of DIY disasters aren’t just financial. Each year in Australia around 25,000 of us are hospitalised from DIY accidents, falls and misfires. A study at Monash University in Melbourne revealed that over 60% of DIY-ers do not wear appropriate safety gear.

Before taking on your next DIY project, consider whether you can really afford to do the work yourself. DIS, Do It Safely, and consult a professional before you DIY. If you’re thinking about installing your own CCTV or alarm system, don’t hesitate to contact ADA Prime Security for assistance. Our qualified and licensed technicians can safely and efficiently take care of all security work and installation. This ensures your alarm system is working well, saves you money and gives you peace of mind.

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