A Burglar's Confession

How to break into a house and get away with it:

  1. Choose a house and formulate a plan.
    a.    Nobody likes a crowded crime scene, so look for an empty house. Typical indicators of an empty house are mail left in the mailbox, lights left on 24/7 (or lights left off 24/7) and no car in the driveway.

    b.   If there are dogs, security lights, alarms or cameras, choose another house.

    c.   Avoid the temptation to dress like a cat burglar! Casual street clothes are a better option as they’ll be ignored by anyone who might spot you. An expert burglar will consider steps such as dressing like a tradesman or professional meter reader.

  2. Consider the best way to enter unnoticed.
  3. Find the easiest entry point for the house. Consider doors and assess locking mechanisms; knob locks can be easily opened with a paper clip or hair pin while dead bolts are much more challenging for the burglar. Also look at windows and other options. If all doors and windows are well secured, find a glass door and a brick or rock. If there are security screens, find another house.
  4. Once inside, quickly scan the house for valuable items. Look for money, jewellery, software, computers and electronics and anything that can be sold on to identity thieves. Wallets containing licenses, personal information and passwords can be extremely valuable.
  5. Gather everything you’ve found and then quickly leave through the front door. This is often the shortest path out of a house.
  6. Remain calm as you exit the property. As you disappear into the suburbs, be sure to take a circuitous route; there’s no sense in being caught 1km from the crime scene on the same street!
  7. Assess your takings and plan next job.

Now it’s up to you.
John Q. Burglar


ADA Prime Security recommends some simple steps to protect your home from invasion and theft:

*Get to know your neighbours, and have them keep an eye on your property while you’re away. *Ensure all external doors are locked with a deadbolt. *Protect sliding doors and windows by placing a long bar in the track to prevent being opened from outside. *Install security screens. *Place all valuable items away from prying eyes. *Use an exterior security light. *Keep a dog. *Leave a car parked in your driveway while you’re away.

Contact ADA Prime Security for more information, and suggestions on how to protect your home from burglary.



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