Townsville Crime Epidemic: Even Our Mayor Is Not Safe

Townsville’s Crime Epidemic

Even Our Mayor is Not Safe!

“Front Page, Townsville Bulletin Saturday 23/11/13”


Crime is on the increase in Townsville, with a whopping , “120% rise in the last 12 months”. In the two months leading up to the Christmas period well over 400 houses and properties have been broken into, with this number expected to further increase in the coming months. Additionally, 750 cars have been stolen from residents so far in 2013 with the large majority having been taken from their garage; even our Mayor has been victimised! (Townsville Crime Statistics, on QLD Government Crime statistic website)

In the same 12 month period ADA Prime Security has successfully protected all of their 2321 residential clients’ homes from break-ins.

This spate of burglaries and vehicle thefts in recent times has left residents feeling that “No-One is safe” and that the police are powerless to prevent these atrocities. In the face of these statistics home security has never been more essential.

For residents of Townsville the security of their homes now rests on the shoulders of professional licensed security firms such as ADA Prime Security. ADA Prime Security have over 12 years experience in the home security field and will come to your home and provide expert recommendations on how to best secure your home and contents, so you can fully protect your valuables, property and importantly, your family.

ADA Prime customers have said that, “with the spate of home invasions in Townsville” that they, “feel safe in the knowledge that my property, is fully protected and I can live without the fear of being the next victim.”

(R. Fearnehough, Aitkenvale) 

To protect your assets against the soaring crime levels in Townsville, the best recommendation for your home security is to have a security alarm installed. Ensuring that your home is well protected, even when you are away, is extremely important for protecting your valuables and property. Having a home alarm system installed by qualified licenced security professionals such as ADA Prime Security can offer you the peace of mind that you need when you are away from your home.


ADA Prime Security can provide you with the protection that you want for your home. Home security is crucial and given the increase in crime in Townsville in recent times it has never been a more important time to protect yourself; just by contacting the home security specialists ADA Prime Security you can start feeling secure now, from just $8.88/week. Ring now for peace of mind.

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