Help Keep Our Elderly Safe


Too often the face of a frail elderly person covered in cuts and bruises appears on the front page of the newspaper.  Too often a similar story of an elderly person being over-powered in their own home by young thugs accompanies the devastating image. Australia’s population is aging, and this means that each year we have increasing numbers of elderly people to protect. Imagine the ones you love and cherish being attacked.


The fact that someone cannot live peacefully and safely in their own home irrespective of age is a sad reality. Alarmingly around 200 000 people in Queensland reported being assaulted and almost 53 000 households reported a break-in in 2011-12 according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics. These high statistics indicate that crime is prevalent. Those that are helpless to protect themselves are too frequently the target. Often taken advantage of, elderly people have to go to extreme measures to protect themselves; usually at the detriment of their freedom. Moving in with family or locking themselves in their home are such protective measures that are undertaken.  The twilight years are to be enjoyed but many old people are living in fear. However, there are non-drastic measures that can be undertaken that will not disrupt quality of life. Monitoring systems are both discreet and effective. They provide a reliable method to deter attackers and provide immediate assistance should it be required.


Fire safety is also an issue. As we get older it is easy for simple things to slip our mind. Dementia and other memory loss issues are a natural factor of life. However it does present safety concerns, with house fires usually caused by electrical appliances. Accidentally leaving the stovetop or iron on can have irreversible consequences. Most of these fires are preventable and safety precautions can be undertaken to create a safer living environment. Smoke alarms and monitoring devices should be used to protect your home. It is illegal in the state of Queensland not to have a smoke alarm installed. Devices such as these can protect you and your elderly relatives.


Protecting the ones you love is as easy as employing security protection. Protection systems such as the home security package by ADA Prime Security aim to reduce the risk of break-ins and fire. Should you feel that your house is not as protected as it could be, contact ADA Prime Security. Our reliable friendly service ensures you and your loved ones are protected from thieves and fire devastation.


The security system for elderly people offered by ADA Prime Security includes:

·         Motion activated sensors

·         Monitored smoke detectors to dispatch the Fire Department

·         Medical pendants allow elderly people to call for help instantly; make sure that assistance is soon on the way.


Installing a home fire and security system to keep our elderly safe provides peace of mind for the whole family. Feel confident and reassured with ADA Prime Security. Call us for an obligation free quote.

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